situationistic drones

 I am not sure how does this interesting exhibition about ''Movng Borders'' look like, but this is how my mind responded to its main concept: the ''drones’''

Drones are miniscule robotic aircrafts surveying social-space around us. I am imagining these tools of surveillance as precursors of a re-creational revolution in communication and public space. Think about the origins of digital networking: internet was initially designed as a device of military governance. It then developed into the modern epitome of un-governance --a chaos of polyphonic interactivity in dialogue but also in conflict with languages, images and techniques of control.

Now imagine what could happen if these micro-robots ''James Bonds''-insects become the new inter-faces – the new sites of hollogramatic digitization and networking. Internet would be re-programmed as a public hyper-reality -- an ethereal geography superimposed upon ecological geography: landscapes within landscapes. A whole new genre of spatial interpretation and action.

Psycho-geography in Action!

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