black as the lover of blank

The more remote is the likelihood to have a short summer-break in Greece, the more it feels like an abortion. Last year I came back with blue cubicle inside me. This year it will look like Malevich 's painting: black square on a black background

as opposed to Malevich, Iakovos Ouranos takes black out of black by plunging white within white.

in this way an autopsy of black becomes an x-ray of blankness....

Black is the colour that absorbs huge doses of sunlight: the lover of ligh is the king of darkness. The symbol of anarchy. Total denial of all contracts, including the biological ones. As the parish priest told us once: black frock does not symbolizes mourning. It symbolizes the refusal of mourning, the denial of death.

I refuse to accept the facts, principles and laws of nature. 

oXyGEN: psychoanalysis for deranged party-animals

MAGIC Depression is a state of mind in which absolute pessismism magically transfoms itself into a hedonistic engagement with pain, suffering and defeat: 'loss' becomes 'win'. This psychological attitude points towards the roots of homo-eroticism: instead of competing with the other dominant males of their species, some males transcend their positioning within the 'gender wars' by making love to their main competitors, enemies and killers. In this way, they transform their utter fear -- the super-males of their tribe -- into machines of pleasure, playfulness and ecstasy.


the same applies to friendship
oxygen>iakovos ouranos [who made the drawing above] breaths ink: 
I cannot fight against an artist who breaths ink.
I can only adore him.


evolution and cruelty

 εξέλιξη των ειδών (ιι)

In the video below [at 44.26]  a group of whales attack ashore and grab a seal pup. They drive it into the sea and kick it like a ball on the air, for over half an hour, until it dies.
 I recently started thinking of morality as a mode of evolution. Emotional intelligence -- the ability to recognize a form of biological kinship with different species [which have eyes, mouth and nose]-- is an evolutionary phenomenon. The mythology of 'humanity' is a move forward, similar to the development of feathers or feet in living organisms of the sea (it is well known that all tetrapods derive from fish).
Whatever happens in our minds, in our imagination, in our emotional life feeds our biological evolution: nature changes as we change, because we are nature.


Organisms ground their survival on illusions: ridiculous desires expand the power of adaptation.
Mad expectations trasform the body: we grow wings to fly, mouth to kiss and eyes to attack.
 Huge changes burst on DNA: fish learn to crawl upon the land,
gods offer themsevles for crucifixion
species evolve: 
 I learned how to spend myself
without you

Τι εφιαλτικό weekend! Στο 44.26 μερικές φάλαινες επιτίθενται στην ακτή και αρπάζουν το κουταβάκι μιας φώκιας. Μετά το οδηγούν στη θάλλασσα και το κλωτσάνε σα μπάλα στον αέρα, για αρκετή ώρα μέχρι να πεθάνει. Τον τελευταίο καιρό σκέφτομαι την ηθική σα μέρος της εξελίξης των ειδών. Η συναισθηματική νοημοσύνη, η ικανότητα να αντιληφθείς τη βιολογική σου συγγένεια με άλλα όντα, [που εχουν μάτια, στόμα, και μύτη] είναι ένα εξελικτικό φαινόμενο. Η μυθολογία της 'ανθρωπιάς' είναι μια κίνηση προς τα μπρος, όπως ακριβώς και η ανάπτυξη φτερών ή ποδιών σε οργανισμούς που ζουν στη θάλασσα. Ο,τι συμβαίνει στο μυαλό μας, στη φαντασία μας, στην αισθηματική μας ζωή τροφοδοτεί τη βιολογική μας εξέλιξη: η φύση αλλάζει όπως αλλάζουμε εμείς, γιατί εμείς είμαστε η φύση.

Πάνω στις πλάτες της απάτης...πάνω σε ένα παραλογισμό, οι οργανισμοί καρφώνουν την επιβίωση τους. Πελώριες αλλαγές εκρήγνυνται στο DNA: τα ψάρια μαθαίνουν να σέρνονται πάνω στη στεριά, οι θεοί να σταυρώνονται, τα είδη να εξελίσσονται
και εσύ να ξοδεύεσαι.



                                                          δε φοβάμαι τη βλακεία
                                                       Ι have no fear for stupidity

                                                 lost in translation:
                            I 'll be your mirror reflect what you are


                                    the city is an ocean: I love hypno-swimming in it.
                                          ....these non-holidays are delightful,
                                                    if only we had some oxygen.


how is it called?

                                                     όταν βρέχει πάνω από μια πόλη εργοστάσιο,
                                                      η υπνοβασία λέγεται βυθομετρία.
                                                      και ειναι ωραία και ζεστά σαν
                                                     μέσα στην κοιλιά της μαμάς σου
                                                    when it rains over a city factory
                                                       sleepwalking is called Sonar.
                                                       and it's nice and warm as
                                                      inside the belly of your mother



                                         remind me again why are you single?

                                                          ...by accident, sir.



                       the willingness to become a star is a beautiful response towards death...

                                               I mean, a beautiful choice of death.

                                                      narcissism is freedom.


porn studies

 Meet the Suicidal Porn:

Erotic Websites feature the 'List of Male Pornstars who Committed suicide'.
[as sexual imagery becomes a routine, porn moves beyond flesh]

Adult movies will be shortly re-branded as as a form of visual psychiatry for fetichists.
The post-production of visual pleasure is the new avant-garde of emotion....

 the digital/death monument below is a detail from [http://xhamster.com/user/battery/posts/8459.html]


Jon Dough
Suicide 8/27/2006 He was 43.From intentional d**g overdose in 2006.


 Jeffrey James Vickers aka Kyle McKenna
 d**g overdose/suicide 5/3/2000  
Suicide, OD'd on pills of some sort 3/14/2000 His parents refused to claim his body (they had long ago rejected their homosexual son), so Kyle's ex-boyfriend and friends had him cremated. His ashes s**ttered over the mountain where he loved to snowboard.

 Caleb Carter
 Suicide by d**g OD as he lay dying of AIDS 6/7/93
Suicide 02/20/2009 Twink star active between 2004-2007. Also appeared on several MTV shows in 2006. He had been struggling with manic depression, alcoholism.