free floating page

everytime your receive post with civil penatlies, rejection letters or other existential threats expressed in formal jargon you
a)  cry
b)  do some yoga
c)  have a shower,
d) talk to the mirror
and e)  re-read the first two or three pages from a marvel graphic novel or Gravity Rainbow

discuss option e)
the psychedelic lifestyle of telepathic heroes (who dance around bomb's explosions)  reframes your own dangerous living (your empty bank account, the bureaucracy of horror, the reign of stupidity etc)
all threats posted to you are now pages of an ongoing script-- encoded messages singposting your majestic journey deep into the land of pscychedelic hedonism.

Your pain is a part of the new literary design -- a vocabulary beyond words -- a language made out of explosions

what is the threat of homelessness or unemployment compared to a massive invasion of bi-polar aliens?

 You are the prince of zen!

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