black as the lover of blank

The more remote is the likelihood to have a short summer-break in Greece, the more it feels like an abortion. Last year I came back with blue cubicle inside me. This year it will look like Malevich 's painting: black square on a black background

as opposed to Malevich, Iakovos Ouranos takes black out of black by plunging white within white.

in this way an autopsy of black becomes an x-ray of blankness....

Black is the colour that absorbs huge doses of sunlight: the lover of ligh is the king of darkness. The symbol of anarchy. Total denial of all contracts, including the biological ones. As the parish priest told us once: black frock does not symbolizes mourning. It symbolizes the refusal of mourning, the denial of death.

I refuse to accept the facts, principles and laws of nature. 

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