conservative liberation

I made a complain about the gender segregation in our gym's sauna -- they have four days [only women] and three [only for men]

This is a council gym -- in semi-ghettoized district. You really want to respect their sense of civility --
 but -- you also feel that this system is so  intimidating and freakishly 1950s! -- when they had different beaches for men and women.

So you make the complaint and then..
 you come across --on twitter -- an arrogant super-rich Tory bitch who claims that she wants to  ''educate'' the poor about gender equality and racism -- claiming that ''she joined the Thatcher's party (oh what a spice girl) -- she cannot tolerate segregation''

...and you feel destroyed:  you really feel the urge to go back and make it clear -- you do not want equality in the name of Thatcher-enlightenment... you want to circulate your semi-nude body in a public space -- in the name of hedonism, freedom and euphoria.

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