Civil Disobedience: Snogging the Wall: the Pictures

Snogging the wall is an act of rebellion against misery

Snogging the wall is an act of love against a loveless age.

Snogging the wall is a lovely way to destroy the wall between porn and poetry

The photo-ambient installation Snogging the Wall is a mini Guide of Erotic Survival – a manifesto of lewd polemics against fear – one that tears up your pocket – and illuminates your wall
Alexandros Papadopoulos and Giannis Papaioannou aka ION interweave pictures, music and prose in order to create a map of analog sound waves, hussy poetry and stellar dust.

Press play and listen: the new porn is a flight to chaos.

17- 27 November 2016. Ηeroes Cafe Bar, Agion Anargyrwn 45. Athens

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